About and Contact Us

Data Mesh Learning (DML) is a vendor-independent learning resource created to teach people about data mesh. We do that by centralizing data mesh content (yes, we see the irony) and addressing common data mesh questions and misconceptions.

DML is designed as a learning resource and does not have any vendor ties to companies that would be used to build a data mesh, whether technology or consulting companies. There is obviously a special place for ThoughtWorks/Zhamak but no formal relationship. The founder of DML works for DataStax but DataStax is not directly involved in the direction of DML or any data mesh community activities or policies.

We are also the co-creator of the Data Mesh Learning Slack workspace (sign-up here); we created the Slack with Zhamak Dehghani (LinkedIn; Twitter; creator of the data mesh paradigm) and Robert Sahlin (LinkedIn). Our Slack is a vendor-independent space to ask questions and interact/network with thousands of people interested in data mesh. Many members of our Slack are deploying their own data mesh solutions.

If you’d like to reach the DML team, the best email address is community@datameshlearning.com; you can also reach us on Twitter at @data_mesh_learn.

Data Mesh Learning is founded and run by Scott Hirleman (LinkedIn). Feel free to add Scott on LinkedIn or follow his data mesh related Twitter @data_mesh_learn.