Agile in Data 

A summary of our Data Mesh Learning community roundtable discussion on October 5.

The Data Mesh Learning community hosted a roundtable discussion about Agile in data. 

Some of the questions posed during the discussion included: 

  • What is the point of Agile? 
  • Should we focus on outcomes or methodologies? 
  • Does the implementation of Agile matter or should you focus on the Agile manifesto? 
  • What key things should you think about when focusing on Agile in data?


  • Jean-Georges Perrin, Senior Data, AI, and Software Consultant & President and Co-founder AIDA User group 
  • Scott Hirelman, Founder and CEO of Data Mesh Understanding 

Watch the Replay

Ways to Participate

Check out our Meetup page to catch an upcoming event.  Let us know if you’re interested in sharing a case study or use case with the community. 

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