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Data Mesh Security Best Practices

Apr 18, 2024 by Guest Post

Data Mesh Security Best Practices This post has been provided by DML community sponsor Immuta.  The data mesh framework places data ownership in the hands of those who know it best — the domain-level experts. It allows those closest to the data to create and share data products independent of the data team, accelerating insights…

Pandora: The Data Mesh Journey of the World’s Largest Jewelry Brand

Apr 15, 2024 by Paul Au

Pandora: The Data Mesh Journey of the World’s Largest Jewelry Brand Frederik Gjørup Nielsen has gone from Lead Engineer over Engineering Manager to the Head of Data & AI platform at Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry brand. His last years have been focused on translating commercial use cases to real-world implementations in Data Mesh-inspired architecture….

Data mesh round table discussion on data contracts

Mar 27, 2024 by Wannes Rosiers

The rise of data contracts is a path to data maturity Data contracts… If you would place them on the hype cycle, they still might sit before the peak of inflated expectations. Yet in the software engineering industry, data contracts have existed already for decades, called API contracts. Finally data contracts, like many other software…

Data ownership in data mesh

Mar 01, 2024 by Wannes Rosiers

Every month I am honored to moderate a round table together with Karin Hakansson, Amy Raygada and Andrew Sharp. These round tables are hosted by the data mesh learning community and concern a data governance on data mesh topic. The subject of February 2024 was data ownership, the open discussion was initiated through the following…

Data Mesh Learning MVP Program

Feb 28, 2024 by Paul Au

We are excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Data Mesh Learning (DML) MVP Program. MVPs are an exclusive group of experts in data mesh, fostering the DML community at large. The journey to implement data mesh can be challenging and often extra guidance is needed to be successful. That is where MVPs shine…

Navigating Data Governance: Insights from JP Morgan Chase’s Sarita Baksta

Jan 30, 2024 by Melissa Logan

In the complex world of data management, understanding and mastering data governance is essential. Sarita Baksta, a key figure in firm-wide data management at JP Morgan Chase, offers an insightful perspective on the evolving role of data governance. Her career path has encompassed various roles in the financial services industry, ranging from developing mortgage trading…

Agile in Data 

Oct 09, 2023 by Melissa Logan

A summary of our Data Mesh Learning community roundtable discussion on October 5. The Data Mesh Learning community hosted a roundtable discussion about Agile in data.  Some of the questions posed during the discussion included:  Facilitators: Watch the Replay Ways to Participate Check out our Meetup page to catch an upcoming event.  Let us know if…

The Benefits & Pitfalls of Data Mesh: Considerations Before Implementation

Sep 28, 2023 by Melissa Logan

A summary of our Data Mesh Learning community roundtable discussion on September 27. The Data Mesh Learning community hosted a conversation  between data engineer and architect, podcaster and co-author of “Fundamentals of Data Engineering” Joe Reis, and Zhamak Dehghani, creator of data mesh and founder of Nextdata. In this roundtable, Joe and Zhamak explored one…

Reflections on Building a Data Mesh Platform from Scratch: Insights from Novo Nordisk’s Jyotshna Karki

Sep 11, 2023 by Melissa Logan

In the ever-evolving field of data management, adaptability is key to success. Jyotshna Karki, a data engineer at the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, has seen technology change rapidly over the past seven years. She has helped spearhead Novo Nordisk’s transition from a traditional centralized data lake system to an innovative data mesh approach and has…