DML Communities Code of Conduct

We abide by the same code of conduct as our partner, See the code of conduct at that link. The tagline for our code of conduct is from Bill & Ted: Be Excellent to Each Other

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please reach out to us at

For our Slack community specifically, there are some very specific rules about vendors and conduct:
0) Use good judgement and don’t be an ass.
1) Don’t send unsolicited DMs to folks you don’t know. This is just good etiquette. And don’t send unsolicited DMs to folks you do know if it is to sell them.
2) If you are found to be reaching out to folks on the Slack about something they mentioned re selling them something, whether through Slack DMs or another means, that is an automatic expulsion. This does NOT mean if you were talking to them in a channel and said something akin to “hey, my company does X, could I follow up?” and they said yes.
3) Constantly spamming the #be-shameless channel or trying to mention your company in every thread is also not allowed. Again, use good judgement. People will want to buy products around data mesh but constantly trying to insert yourself into conversations is going to backfire for you and will lead to expulsion.