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Introductory Articles

This page is designed to take you through a guided path of written-only content. If you are okay with a mix of content, we recommend the general path laid out on this page.

Before you get to Zhamak’s articles, the first of which is 6,500+ words (she DID come up with an entire new paradigm for organizing your company so the length is warranted), we recommend you read a few shorter intros.

A Gentle Intro

Okay, But Just WTF is a Data Mesh?! by DML (us) for a gentle intro to the data mesh concept.

Data Mesh: The Four Principles of a Distributed Architecture by Eleks (consulting company); does a good job laying out the four pillars of data mesh and the potential challenges. The sales-y level is low enough to not be annoying.

Slightly More In-Depth

What is a Data Mesh — and How Not to Mesh it Up by Barr Moses of Monte Carlo; a good overview of data mesh. The figure below is a very interesting competitive differentiator of data mesh. Also, this article does a good job of creating a “is data mesh right for my company” test. Check it out.

How and why successful data-driven companies are adopting Data Mesh by Agile Lab (consulting company); this post makes some very good observations about the current state of data management and why data mesh is different. We particularly liked the below.

Zhamak’s Articles

Now that you have a firm understanding of data mesh as a concept, we recommend you read Zhamak’s articles. They are quite long so we recommend you take notes and/or read a section at a time. They are even internally linked to make reading a section at a time easier. The articles really are brilliantly written but trying to completely change the way companies deal with data for analytics is a big task… ????

How to Move Beyond a Monolithic Data Lake to a Distributed Data Mesh by Zhamak Dehghani

Data Mesh Principles and Logical Architecture by Zhamak Dehghani

User Journey Stories

Next, we recommend you read a few user journey stories. The first is a brilliant post by Tristan Baker from Intuit: Intuit’s Data Mesh Strategy. Check out the “Challenges” section for a great set of questions to ask within your organization.

DDD… Data Area at DPG Media by Wannes Rosiers; Wannes is one of the more prolific content creators in data mesh. This was the first piece by the him about how DPG Media works with data in general but especially using domain driven design re data mesh.

And with that, if you hit this far, you should be quite familiar with data mesh ????????

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