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Community – Other Resources and Places to Learn

First and foremost, please see the general data mesh community code of conduct on the website here. All interactions with the community should fall under the general standard of “be excellent to each other”. We are intolerant of intolerance, all are welcome, and we highly value diversity and inclusion and strive to have good representation in our community. It’s the right thing to do.

More info below but quick links:
Meetups: DML Global (all DML meetups) | DML Europe (only European-friendly time DML meetups) | DML Americas (only Americas-friendly time DML meetups) | other community-led data mesh meetup
Slack: DML Slack Signup (via LaunchPass)
Newsletter/Blog: DML Bi-Weekly Newsletter Signup (via SubStack)
YouTube: DML YouTube Channel (DML content + other data mesh related playlists)
Forums: Community-led forums (via Reddit r/datamesh)

The oldest data mesh community resource, the one that kicked it all off, is our Data Mesh Learning (DML) Slack workspace. There are well over 1,000 folks in the Slack and it is a great place to get questions answered and meet other data mesh enthusiasts. You can join the Slack (or get your friends/colleagues to do the same) by using our LaunchPass page here.

DML also offers a newsletter which you can sign up for here. If you join the DML Slack, you will be signed up for the DML Newsletter automatically (…when Scott gets around to putting your email in). The newsletter will provide 1) analysis of and links to the best data mesh content from the last week; 2) links to upcoming webinars, trainings, meetups, topic swarms, etc. about data mesh; and likely 3) original content about data mesh too.

The community forums, if you can call them that, are at r/datamesh on Reddit (link here). In general, we will use this for DML’s question of the week but it is a community driven resource so use it for other content and questions too. DML, while being an admin, does not set or dictate anything related to the Reddit community. Please feel free to participate by sharing your ideas, your questions, and your content.

We are working with the broader data mesh community (read: not run by DML) to launch a community-focused website that will live at And the broader community will also have its own newsletter for sharing community content and upcoming events which you can sign up for here. If you would like to be part of the group running this website or newsletter, please reach out or reach out to Scott Hirleman in the DML Slack. We believe this resource will be run by mostly to entirely non-DML resources by the second half of 2021.

DML is proud to partner with the broader data mesh community. As additional resources are created around the data mesh topic, we will continue to update this page. If you have an additional resource to add, please let us know at

Remember: Be excellent to each other