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Upcoming Learning Opportunities

This page is meant to include links to upcoming events such as webinars, trainings, meetups, etc. related to data mesh. If you have an upcoming event you believe should be included, please let Scott Hirleman know in the DML Slack or by emailing info@datameshlearning.com. All links should not include any tracking (e.g. UTM codes) unless specifically noted.


Data Mesh in Practice with Max Schute (Zalando) and Arif Wider (ThoughtWorks)
April 26, 2021; 9am-12am PT
Price: free with O’Reilly Online Learning Plan ($49/month or $499/year)

Data Mesh – Domain Oriented Data with Zhamak Dehghani (ThoughtWorks)
May 3-4, 10-11; 6pm-10pm CET / 9am-1pm PT
Price: €1,950 list with 21% VAT (the link above should have a 10% discount code)

Intro to Data Mesh tutorial (as part of Knowledge Graph Conference) with Samia Rahman (ThoughtWorks) and Daniel Vila Suero (Recognai)
May 4, 11am-2:30pm PT / 8pm-11:30pm CET
$239.20 with our 20% off discount code: KGCLovesZhamak! – we also have a weekly free ticket giveaway in the Slack

Data Mesh – Domain Oriented Data with Zhamak Dehghani (ThoughtWorks)
September 9-10, 16-17; 6pm-10pm CET / 9am-1pm PT
Price: Tickets not on sale yet


Data Mesh: Unlocking Data Value in the Enterprise with Arif Wider (ThoughtWorks) and Emily Gorcenski (ThoughtWorks)
April 15, 2021; 11am CET; 1hr

Guiding the evolution of data mesh with fitness functions with Zhamak Dehghani (ThoughtWorks) and David Colls (ThoughtWorks)
April 20, 2021; 11:30am AEST | 7:00am Bangalore | 9:30am Singapore | 6:30pm San Francisco (1 hour inc 15 min Q&A)

Meetups and Other

There are 2 upcoming conferences where Zhamak will be speaking (+ other data mesh content)

The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) has graciously provided us with a 20% discount code for their conference (May 3-6; code is KGCLovesZhamak!) -> Discounted costs: $140 for presentation track or $240 for full track including workshops/tutorials
Zhamak will keynote; there will be a 3hr data mesh tutorial (see above); and Accenture will present on data mesh
The KGC folks will also be giving away a free ticket each week in the Slack, see here for more info.

QCon+ Conference (May 17-28) has graciously provided us with three free tickets (enter raffle here by end of April 16th) and a 10% discount code for the first 25 signups using our code (code is DATAMESHQPLUSMAY) -> Discounted cost of $495 before May 1.
The conference has a data mesh track and Zhamak’s talk is called An Architectural Deep Dive.