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Our newsletter is on Substack and will be sent out bi-weekly. You can find our Newsletter/Blog to sign up and/or see past editions here. We will also include links on this page after we send out our newsletter so you can find past editions easily. Our blog is also on that same Substack (we make posts occasionally that are not part of the newsletter).

Inaugural March 31, 2021 Newsletter

April 14, 2021 Newsletter

April 28, 2021 Newsletter

May 12, 2021 Newsletter

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If there are ever sponsorships or sponsored posts in the newsletter, they will be called out VERY obviously. We are currently not accepting any sponsors for the newsletter nor do we really plan to. Partnerships are only available in exchange for something that benefits the community (e.g. a discount code or a free ticket giveaway). If you would like to contact us about partnership, feel free to email us: We have a soft spot for good causes.