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Speakers Announced: Data Mesh Day for Life Sciences

A lot has been happening around the Data Mesh Learning community over the past few weeks. We announced our founding sponsors, hosted a great lineup of meetups (with more to come), and announced the dates and call for presenters for our very first Data Mesh Day event, a half-day virtual event on May 11, 2023, from 7-11a PT.

Registration is open for the event, and we’ve been promising you more information on Data Mesh Days… and today is the day! We’re excited to announce a fantastic lineup of speakers. 

Before we get to what’s new, some of you may still be wondering, “What are these Data Mesh Days events?” Data Mesh Days are where data leaders and practitioners gather to share best practices and use cases, forge critical relationships, and learn about advancements in data mesh. These events are currently virtual half-day events – and they’re free! Each Data Mesh Day will focus on a different industry vertical.The intent of each day is to provide a vendor-neutral space for sharing and learning about data mesh through talks from end users and others in the industry who are implementing data mesh. This inaugural event will focus on Data Mesh for Life Sciences.

And without further ado, here is our speaker line up:

  • Omar Khawaja, Roche Diagnostics will talk about Roche’s two-year data mesh journey, sharing practical advice and steps of their implementation, and how data mesh has improved how Roche serves its customers.
  • Mariana Hebborn, PhD, Merck Gruppe will talk about how a federated data governance model has paved the way for broad experimentation and innovation in data, in ways that were not previously possible. Hebborn will discuss the importance for an organization to define why to invest in data governance up front, how to inspire stakeholders by sharing expected benefits, and empowering them to contribute by setting clear processes and procedures.
  • Ammara Gafoor, Thoughtworks and Antonio Agudo, Roche Diagnostics, will provide an insider view of the different data mesh strategies adopted by some of the top 10 Pharma and LifeScience companies across the world. Diving into Roche’s data mesh strategy, the talk will touch upon focus areas, main challenges, mitigations and definitive next steps in their respective data mesh journeys.
  • Alexandra Grebe de Barron, Bayer, will discuss how Bayer runs a Real-World Data Store (RWD),  human- and machine-friendly self-service data product that accelerates real-world evidence generation across the lifelong patient pathway, leveraging a data mesh and data product approach. de Barron will discuss why data mesh and data products accelerated evidence generation, how they achieved this within Bayer and what were the challenges and learnings.
  • Amber Hilton, Google Cloud, and Thinh Ha, Google Cloud Professional Services, will show  how metadata-driven automation will allow organizations to scale and embed metadata management into daily developer workflows, outlining an events-driven architecture for metadata-driven automation, and how this can be implemented in the cloud.

We’ll end the event with breakout rooms for attendees to meet and share learnings.

Does this sound interesting? Be sure to register here

Any feedback for us? Drop it in the comments or join us on Slack.

Ways to Participate

Check out our Meetup page to catch an upcoming event. Let us know if you’re interested in sharing a case study or use case with the community. Data Mesh Learning Community Resources