Sponsors and Partners

Data Mesh Learning is committed to remaining vendor-independent. We are currently not accepting any sponsors. Partnerships will be evaluated on a case by case basis and the specifics of any partnership will be clearly spelled out to all members of the community. If you are looking to partner with us for an upcoming paid event, we require a discount code of at least 20% and/or a free ticket giveaway for our community members.

If you are looking for help finding data mesh related speakers for your events or other content, we are happy to help. Please reach out: info@datameshlearning.com

If you are a potential sponsor or partner, our primary focus is to 1) remain vendor-independent and 2) build a great community that is helpful, welcoming, empathetic, diverse and inclusive, and not built to sell products. If you’d potentially like to partner with us, you can reach out to info@datameshlearning.com

Funding (time and materials) is sponsored by DataStax. DataStax offers a multi-cloud serverless NoSQL database based on Apache Cassandra called Astra. If you’d like to try out Astra, you can use code datamesh200 for a $200 credit upon sign-up. They are also building out a data streaming service based on Apache Pulsar (similar to Apache Kafka but with much easier broker balancing at scale) which you can also see on their website.