User Stories – Presentations and Videos

This page will host user stories along with a brief summary of the video/presentation. It is currently pretty bare compared to the number of companies we know are deploying data mesh as not many users have shared their stories. If that’s you, let’s change that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Intuit: Intuit’s Data Mesh Journey – Past, Present, and Future; DML meetup; video (75min); Tristan Baker and Suresh Raman
A fantastic overview of what Intuit has done so far in implementing a data mesh and their plans for where they are going in the future. Their 4 key strategy pieces are Stewardship; Organizing people, code, and data; Self-serve products; and Rationalizing data definitions. There is a great extended Q&A as well. (Our first DML meetup ๐Ÿ˜Ž)

DPG Media: Data Mesh at DPG Media: Increasing News Personalization Relevance; DML meetup; video (75min); Wannes Rosiers
DPG Media Use Cases; presentation slidesย (PDF); Wannes Rosiers
A great overview of DPG’s journey from a decentralized but disorganized data org to centralizing so they could decentralize again in their data mesh implementation. Take you through their guiding principles for data mesh, how they organize their squads/tribes, etc. Overall, very helpful for those laying out a data mesh roadmap.
The slides lose a bit in translation re but still shows how DPG is setting up their data mesh from an organizational and technological approach.

HelloFresh: Data Mesh at HelloFresh – A Work in Progress; DML meetup; video (79min); Christoph Sawade, Hariprasad Natarajan, Mario Konschake, Surya Emmylinda, Sharif Abdel-Halim, Pedro Castillo, and Natalie Hallak
Fantastic presentation across a number of different aspects from HelloFresh’s journey including their homegrown data literacy program, their self-service data platform, specifics of a data product, and how to drive data product thinking. Extensive Q&A at the end.

Zalando: Data Mesh in Practice: How Europe’s Leading Online Platform for Fashion Goes Beyond the Data Lake; video (30min); Max Schultze (Zalando) and Arif Wider (ThoughtWorks)
Probably the first public use case and still one of the best. We highly recommend watching this as there is also some good intro to data mesh content and then how they applied the data mesh principles. They also presented at another conference here.

Disney: Domain-driven Data Architecture; video (33min); Caleb Jones
How Disney built their data platform for data mesh including the different approaches they considered, anti-patterns, lessons learned, and more.

Northern Trust: Reusing Kafka Data Structure Between Projects; video (25min; CC available); Laura Schornack and Maureen Penzenik
A very helpful presentation taking domain driven design concepts from the operational plane and making direct correlation to how you would use each piece on the analytical plane for data mesh. If you are familiar with DDD / data mesh, the incremental knowledge really starts around the 15min mark.

Delivery Hero: GCP Customer Spotlight: Delivery Hero; video (19min); Mathias Nitzsche (Delivery Hero) and Ksenia Nekrasova (GCP)
While it is led by GCP, it is still well worth your time. This short video talks about some of the results of Delivery Hero moving some of their domains to a data mesh while leaving others in their historical setup. There is a very interesting slide on the metrics of their data mesh with 11 business units (domains) having 174 data sets (data products) with 5,154 total tables. So ~16 data products per domain and ~30 tables per data product.

JPMorgan Chase: Implementing a Data Mesh Architecture at JPMC; video (32min); James “JR” Reid and Nisha Yerrawar
A great presentation covering JPMC’s overall approach for migrating from on-premise to the cloud while also implementing data mesh principles. JR specifically mentions that they are still early days on their data product thinking. He also mentions “data puddles”, which is a data mesh anti-pattern, and how they are moving away from that in migrating to cloud.

Department for Work and Pensions (UK government): Data Mesh: What’s different about it, what it means to DWP, and how you might approach it yourselves; video (39min); Charlie Boundy (DWP) and Andrew Carr (Scott Logic)
A good portion of the video is an overview of data mesh by Andrew; but the DWP piece talks more about why they felt the need to move towards a data mesh approach. Interestingly, data mesh is helping DWP better tackle GDPR.

Medtronic: A Data Mesh for the Next Generation of Apps and Platforms; video (57min); Steve Vranyes
The first 20+ minutes is about the challenges that led to the need for data mesh and the rest is what data mesh enables, not just Medtronic but companies in general, and Q&A.

AutoZone: Making a Mesh of the Infrastructure; presentation slides (PDF); Pete Brown
Covers some of AutoZone’s unique initial approach to data mesh, where they focused first on applying to actual physically distributed infrastructure. Pete is also working on developing standard protocols for data mesh (see the #protocol-brainstorming channel in the Slack).

Saxo Bank: How we eased out security journey with OAuth (Goodbye Kerberos!); video (35min; CC available); Paul Makkar and Rahul Gulati
While data mesh is not the main topic of the talk, the company mentions they are doing data mesh very explicitly upfront.

Zenseact: Data Mesh Architecture and Strategy; presentation slides (PDF); Vanessa Eriksson
Similar to above, loses some in translation without the presenter but slides 12-13 have a great overview of the current state of their data mesh approach as well as the future vision; it talks about the move from on-prem to wholly cloud as well as third-party data integration.

If you know of others, please let us know!