User Stories – Blog Posts and Articles

This page will host user stories along with a brief summary of the post/article. It is currently pretty bare compared to the number of companies we know are deploying data mesh as not many users have shared their stories. If that’s you, let’s change that! 😉

Intuit: Intuit’s Data Mesh Strategy – Medium post by Tristan Baker
Fantastic post on Intuit’s journey thus far and their future plans re data mesh. We recommend paying special attention to the questions Intuit asked internally to scope the challenge they currently faced compared to where they want to go.

DPG Media: DDD… Data Area at DPG Media – Medium post by Wannes Rosiers
Data Mesh — A Self-service Infrastructure at DPG Media with Snowflake – Medium post by Wannes Rosiers and Ludmila Von Thun (Snowflake)
Data mesh at DPG Media – Medium post by Wannes Rosiers
First is a general overview of DPG Media’s decision to use data mesh and how they began their journey. The second is about how they are specifically leveraging Snowflake (and some other tools) in their data mesh. The third is a recent (June 2021) update on DPG’s journey and is the most comprehensive.

JPMorgan Chase: How JPMorgan Chase built a data mesh architecture to drive significant value to enhance their enterprise data platform – AWS Blog post by Anu Jain (JPMC), Graham Person (JPMC), Paul Conroy (JPMC), and Nivas Shankar (AWS)
Deep dive into pieces of JPMC’s architectural setup to allow safe access to data products in a highly regulated environment. On AWS’s blog so quite a few AWS product mentions but the difference governance for data copying versus in-place consumption, using a separate data catalog to only track data product access, and using a separate data lake per product are all interesting tidbits.

Adevinta: Building a data mesh to support an ecosystem of data products at Adevinta – Medium post by Xavier Gumara Rigol and Sandra Real
A great post about what Adevinta got right before moving towards data mesh that set them up for success in their data mesh journey. A number of their tips are highly applicable, including about data product “must haves” and some cultural alignment.

Gloo: Catching Data In a Data Mesh: Principles (Part I) – Medium post by Trey Hicks
Catching Data In a Data Mesh: Applied (Part II) – Medium post by Trey Hicks
A two-part series of how Gloo is approaching data mesh including their organizational approach and from a technical perspective, their heavy use of Apache Kafka.

AutoZone: Mitigating Monitoring Security Risk with Data Mesh – Medium post by Pete Brown
Not as much about AutoZone’s specific deployment but how one could leverage a data mesh approach to do application monitoring.

ABN AMRO ABN AMRO’s data and integration mesh – LinkedIn post by Piethein Strengholt
Covers ABN AMRO’s journey to data mesh including the problems they were facing with a centralized data warehouse and data lake. It also lays out their general architectural approach to data management at scale.

Yotpo: The 4 Data Mesh Principles to Create a Data-Oriented RnD – Medium post by Assaf Liebstein
An overview of the architectural approach Yotpo is using to build their self-service data platform for data mesh.

Saxo Bank: Saxo Bank’s Best Practices for a Distributed Domain-Driven Architecture Founded on the Data Mesh – Post on Confluent’s blog
Very detailed post with a big focus on how Saxo is standardizing their schema and definitions across domains. They start with some context on how they are developing their domains and apply data product thinking before a deep dive into the aforementioned schema discussions.

HSBC: HSBC Securities Services unveils new data platform – article
An article covering HSBC’s external facing data mesh to enable a data-as-a-service offering for customers

Starship Technologies: Dodging the data bottleneck — data mesh at Starship – Medium post by Taavi Pungas
While not fully embracing data mesh – as their needs are not yet large enough to require it – Starship talks about how to take data mesh principles and leverage the pieces that were useful for a smaller but growing company.

Poste Italiane (Italian Post): Approaching a new era in Data Architectures – LinkedIn post by Gaetano Ruggiero
A simple introduction and declaration that Italian Post is implementing data mesh. They are focused on domains making it possible for events and data to be harmonized across domains

If P&C: The Rise of Data Products and Their Owners – Medium post by Jaakko Mikkonen
Launching Databricks at If – Medium post by Valdas Maksimavičius
The first is specifically about applying data product thinking from data mesh to existing “data assets” (this term is an anti-pattern in data mesh). The second is about using specifically Databricks as they move towards data mesh (or harmonized mesh as they are calling it).

If you find additional use cases that should be added to this list, please let us know: