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What is Data Mesh?

Data should be owned by those who know it best. Data mesh is an approach that enables organizations to become data-driven by changing the way they organize their teams and their data architecture. It encourages organizations to treat data as product, not a byproduct; and to decentralize data ownership and data architecture. Data mesh is not a technology, it’s an approach to being data-driven. Read more introductory content.

Data Mesh Community Resources

We host biweekly meetups to discuss different topics related to data mesh. Watch our previous livestreams and join the global Meetup group to stay informed of upcoming events.

If you want to see how others are implementing data mesh, watch the User Journey video series below. If you’re implementing data mesh, we’d love to share your story! Email

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Data Mesh Learning recently announced new sponsorship opportunities to enable community organizers to provide more resources and grow awareness and adoption of data mesh around the world. We are extremely grateful to our Founding Sponsors who have made it possible for us to expand in 2023 and beyond. See the full list of sponsors.

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