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Community Getting Started

Data Mesh Learning (DML) is a global community of 8K+ data professionals at various stages of their data mesh journey. It is an independent, vendor-neutral space where people are encouraged to share knowledge and experiences to foster learning. 

People at all stages of data mesh are welcome – whether you’re brand new to the concept or a few years into your data mesh implementation.

Virtual Meetups

We host live events every month to share data mesh best practices, user journey stories to inspire you, and to discuss hot topics and trends. Presenters are available to answer questions, and everyone is welcome, no matter where you are in your journey. Attend individual events or subscribe to the meetup page to be informed of events.


Data Mesh Days

These are virtual, half-day events focused on a specific vertical. We bring together users to share best practices and case studies to help you on your journey in specific verticals.


We believe that open discussion serves as a powerful catalyst for growth. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge, allowing individuals to learn from one another, solve problems collectively, and discover creative solutions. By fostering a space where members can freely share their thoughts, ideas, and insights, we cultivate an environment that thrives on a diversity of perspectives. 

End User Roundtables

Based on community feedback, we introduced a program for data mesh implementers to connect with their peers in a private session with up to 10 people joining. These are facilitated by Data Mesh Learning staff so participants can connect and talk openly about whatever data mesh topics they’d like to discuss. They occur the first week of each month. We are restructuring this program in Q1 of 2024 and will reconnect with everyone who signed up now or previously.

DML Resources

Our mission is to provide you with data mesh resources to help you on your journey. We maintain a library of resources (articles, podcasts, videos), data mesh case studies, the DML Medium publication, and other resources found on this website. We also produce whitepapers and research to keep you informed.