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Expected Behaviors

Data Mesh Learning is a user-focused community that encourages learning and the free flow of information between users.

Decisions are made with best interests of the end-user in mind and members are expected to behave in a way that aligns with this:

  • Listen to users and respond objectively with the best information that you have – don’t use your answers as a place to pitch your products or services.
  • Foster a collaborative and friendly environment for all users that leads to mutual learning and growth.
  • Respect individual members by encouraging their learning and engagement.
  • Do not spam the community with pitches and upsells for your products or services.
  • Speak well of other vendors and avoid derogatory language.

Consequences for members who do not work within these expectations can include:

  • A warning to cease their behaviour and that any further reports will result in further actions.
  • Removal of offending posts.
  • Temporary removal from the public members list.
  • Suspension or deletion of accounts related to DML events, programs, committees, and platforms – temporarily or indefinitely.

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