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Common Data Mesh Misconceptions

There are a number of common misconceptions with data mesh. We provide some overviews and rebuttals at the links below.

Data mesh pillars = data mesh.

There is a lot of content that specifically talks about data mesh as if the pillars Zhamak has laid out are a data mesh rather than the approach needed to create and manage a data mesh.

Data mesh creates data siloes.

Not if you make your data products discoverable and incentivize consumption of data products.

Data mesh is a technology or architecture-focused paradigm.

Distribution of architecture is one of the four pillars. So maybe 25% correct?

X vendor sells a data mesh.

See above. You can’t sell an organizational process. Vendors can sell a data mesh platform but anyone saying they sell a data mesh or a data mesh solution is overmarketing.

Data mesh is a destination, not a journey.

There is an assumption that many people have fully deployed Zhamak’s vision. Or that you need to figure everything out first and deploy in one go, flip the switch. It’s a journey. It’s why we call them user journey stories. You have to figure out what works for you as you go along and no two data mesh journeys will be the same.

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