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Introductory Podcasts

Zhamak has been a guest on a number of podcasts. We recommend you start with Barry O’Reilly’s Unlearn podcast with Zhamak; it is less of an overview of data mesh and more of a friendly chat, which is a nice introduction. Unfortunately there is not a transcript available but there is a run-down of highlights.
Unlearn Podcast: Decentralizing Data: From Data Monolith to Data Mesh with Zhamak Dehghani; 56min

Next, we recommend you listen to at least one of the following; all four are very instructional as a data mesh overview with Zhamak as the guest but mostly cover the same ground, a basic introduction to data mesh.
InfoQ Podcast: Zhamak Dehghani on Data Mesh, Domain-Oriented Data, and Building Data Platforms; 34min; transcript available
Software Engineering Daily: Data Mesh with Zhamak Deghani; 57min; transcript available
Data Engineering Podcast: Straining Your Data Lake Through A Data Mesh; 65min; transcript available
ThoughtWorks Podcast: Data meshes: a distributed domain-oriented data platform; 32min; transcript available – see figure below for the origin of data mesh

Next, we recommend a bit more of a conversational approach to data mesh: Zhamak’s conversation with Sam Ramji on the Open Source Data podcast. It’s less instructional-focused and much more about the broader implications of data mesh.
Open Source Data: Data Meshes: Big Data Architecture Becoming Distributed, Declarative and Domain Oriented with Zhamak Dehghani; 28min; transcript available

Another one you may want to check out is a discussion trying to figure out the differences between data mesh and data fabric (as defined by Gartner, not as defined by data fabric vendors). It is by the folks from
Catalog and Cocktails: Is Your Data Fabric a Mesh; 35min; no transcript available

If you know of other podcasts we should include here, please let us know: