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Using Slack

The primary meeting place for the DML community is Slack – you can sign up here!

Slack Channels

There are a number of channels in the DML Slack, ranging from topic and industry-focused spaces to locale and location-based ones. Anyone can join and engage in any channel they would like, so please browse around and join in the conversations. The prefix of the channel name indicates the type of channel it is.

Any member of the Slack group is able (and encouraged) to create new channels as they have a need to do so without asking permission. When creating new channels, please stick to the naming conventions of current channels to ensure that the Slack group remains easy to navigate. Available channel prefixes that you can use are:

    • #focus – for channels that are focussed on a particular topic or way of working (e.g. #focus-architecture)

    • #industry – for channels about using implementing data mesh in particular industries (e.g. #industry-telecom)

    • #location – for channels where members from specific cities or countries can connect with each other (e.g. #location-switzerland)

    • #opportunities – for channels that allow members to find and advertise opportunities in particular areas (e.g. #opportunities-jobs)

    • #dmlwg – for community working groups – these will almost always be created by DML staff members (e.g. #dmlwg-editorial)

If you are not sure if you should create a new channel or rather start a discussion in an existing channel, please ask in the #staff-questions channel.

Engaging Effectively

The code of conduct applies to all DML community spaces, of which Slack is no exception, and to ensure that the DML Slack remains a friendly, vendor-independent space, there are a few additional expectations for how members engage with one another:

    • Vendor-pitching is not allowed under any circumstances – the DML community is a space for practitioners to connect and learn together. If you would like to promote your own work in any way, then the #be-shameless channel is the place to do just that.

    • Do not repeatedly spam any channels – repetitive spam will be deleted. If you have a question, post it in the most appropriate channel only – if the same message is posted to multiple channels then all but the first one will be deleted.

    • Be kind and respectful – we’re all here to learn, so be kind, helpful, respectful, and encouraging to other community members.