Data Mesh People to Follow

Zhamak Dehghani – Director of Next Tech Incubation at ThoughtWorks (LinkedIn; Twitter): If you follow anyone in the data mesh space, it should be the creator of the data mesh paradigm herself 😀

Yes, there is a break between Zhamak and everyone else…

Wannes Rosiers – Area Manager Data and News Personalization at DPG Media (LinkedIn): has written multiple articles and presented multiple times on what DPG Media is doing with data mesh.

Mohammad Syed – Managing Consultant at Credera UK (a consulting company; LinkedIn): Mohammad has written one article about data mesh that was featured in our first newsletter and regularly shares great content in the Slack.

Andrew Padilla – Founder at Datacequia (a consulting company; LinkedIn): Andrew is working with a customer on their implementation re data mesh. He is included here for asking very good questions in the DML Slack and will be one of the podcast/fireside chat hosts for DML.

Nick Heudecker – Senior Director, Market Strategy & Competitive Intelligence at Cribl (LinkedIn; Twitter): Nick has been covering the data space broadly for years including as an analyst at Gartner. He will be hosting a vendor interview series in the near future for the data mesh community.

Juan Sequeda – Principal Scientist at (LinkedIn; Twitter): Juan has led multiple data mesh related sessions and podcast episodes and will be hosting some panels for the community in the near future. Juan is also leading the data mesh manifesto project for the community.

Olivier Wulveryck – Consulting Manager at Octo (a consulting company; LinkedIn): Olivier has been an active participant in the Slack and has written one article (here; in French). He has also helped to popularize data mesh within Octo and France in general.

Barr Moses – Co-Founder & CEO at Monte Carlo Data (LinkedIn; Twitter): Barr has written multiple articles about data mesh and its ties to other key trends in the data management space.
We also recommend following her colleague Molly Vorwerck (LinkedIn), who leads content for Monte Carlo and shares great content from other sources.

Tristan Baker – Distinguished Architect at Intuit (LinkedIn): Tristan is leading Intuit’s data mesh implementation push. He has published a long post about about doing your initial homework in what we (DML) are calling “The Intuit Way”.

Max Schultze – Data Engineering Manager at Zalando (LinkedIn): Max is a frequent presenter about Zalando’s data mesh journey and also has delivered training.

Pete Brown – Engineer at AutoZone (LinkedIn): Pete has posted an article and has presented on AutoZone’s data mesh effort. He is also leading the push developing standard protocols for data mesh.

François Nguyen – Data & Analytics CIO at L’Oréal (LinkedIn; Twitter): While not currently implementing a data mesh, François has published two well liked and circulated articles about data mesh on his blog. He also regularly shares data mesh content on LinkedIn.

Martin Chesbrough – Business Process Practice Director at The Migration Company (a consulting company; LinkedIn): Martin is very active in the Slack asking good questions and providing good historical context. He is also holding down the fort down under as one of the most knowledgeable people in Australia about data mesh.

Fran̤ois Rosselet РBusiness Data Lead at Cargill (LinkedIn): Fran̤ois is also active in the Slack and shares a large number of articles and his personal thoughts about data mesh on LinkedIn.

Laurent Letourmy – CEO and Co-Founder at Ysance (a data platform provider; LinkedIn): Laurent has translated two articles into French (specifically Zhamak’s first article and Yotpo’s post about their data platform) and actively shares a significant amount of data mesh content on LinkedIn.

Piethein Strengholt, Principal Architect Data & Integration at ABN AMRO Bank (LinkedIn): if not winner for the coolest name (that goes to Zhamak), a close second. Piethein has published multiple articles on how ABN AMRO is implementing a data mesh and is also the author of the O’Reilly book Data Management at Scale.

Not recommended: Scott Hirleman’s personal Twitter 😀 data mesh related tweets are handled from @data_mesh_learn; Scott does post or share a fair bit of data mesh content on LinkedIn (<- feel free to add him as a contact).

This is a short initial list. If we missed anyone, please let us know: